Q: What is Minecraft Weather?

A: Minecraft Weather is a service that delivers weather information for the world’s most populous cities in the form of a 15-second YouTube Short. The YouTube Short features a Minecraft video that is tailored to the current weather conditions in a particular city. Our unique approach to weather reporting combines the excitement of Minecraft with up-to-date weather information.

Q: How does Minecraft Weather work?

A: We use weather data to generate subtitles that are overlaid on a YouTube Short. These subtitles provide information such as temperature, current conditions and forecast. The audio track of the video also reads out this information, making it accessible for users who are visually impaired.

Q: What languages is Minecraft Weather available in?

A: Our service is available in many local languages so you can stay informed about the weather in your city without any language barriers.  If you would like us to include your city on one of our weather channels get in contact with us on our Discord.

Q: Can I subscribe to Minecraft Weather?

A: Yes, if you love Minecraft and want to stay informed about the weather in an interactive and fun way, you can subscribe to one of the Minecraft Weather channels in your language today and never miss a beat!